handcrafted cherry slab coffee table

Circular Cherry Slab Coffee Table

This handcrafted circular cherry slab coffee table features a captivating grain pattern, visible wood joinery which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and a smooth satin lacquer finish. It sits on three sturdy  bare steel hairpin legs which add an industrial edge. The bare steel complements the subtle tones of amber and beige in the slab top. The cracks which occur inevitably while a piece like this dries have been filled with  polyester resin tinted with cherry sawdust to give an organic look and smooth feel. Double dovetail inlays of quartersawn cherry have been  inserted  where necessary for enduring structural stability. This unique naturalistic piece was crafted by local artisan Josh Barker. It measures 24″ in diameter and stands 17″ high.

handcrafted cherry slab coffee tablehandcrafted cherry slab coffee tablehandcrafted cherry slab coffee table