Vintage MCM Walnut Transistor Stereo Console by GE, Project Piece


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Dimensions: 60 × 17 × 24 in
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The flip top walnut stereo console by GE features a gorgeous refinished walnut top and a sleek design. This piece is structurally and cosmetically excellent,  but the audio components need some work.  Here is a list of the issues with the audio components. There may be other problems:

The turntable spins but needs a needle installed.

The potentiometers need to be cleaned or replaced.

Besides the pops and crackles from the pots, the stereo has a warm vintage sound. The speakers seem to be in good condition.

This piece is sold as is, and the buyer should expect to do repairs to bring the stereo back into proper working order.



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Dimensions 60 × 17 × 24 in