K & L Collectibles in Rocky Mount, VA

K and L Collectibles

When we’re out on the road looking for rare and unusual mid century furniture to refurbish, it’s always nice to discover a cool store run by truly gracious people.  Such was the case with K&L Collectibles in Rocky Mount, Va, on Route 220 between Martinsville and Basset, Va. It was the last day of a weekend outing to Southwest Virginia geared towards acquiring a few mid century dressers or credenzas, and the truck was still more or less empty. We’d hit every thrift store, antique mall, and flea market we could find with no results to speak of. After doing a little detective work we decided to head North out of Martinsville into the hills- this is the type of  territory where people depend on word of mouth more than the yellow pages, and the internet is “just something the kids like to fool with.” You never know what you’ll find.

About halfway between Martinsville and Bassett we pulled off 220 to check out K&L. There were no hours listed, but a guy sitting out front told us the owner would probably be there in half an hour or so. We returned after killing some time and were greeted by the Euna, the owner, known to her friends as Pumpkin.

The main part of the store features the usual smalls and collectibles- some cool americana, primitives, old tools, a few vintage guitars. No mid century dressers or credenzas to be seen, but we asked a few questions and were shown to one of the side buildings where  we found just what we we’d been searching for. Turns out K&L has been a local hub for used furniture for years, and being situated just a few miles from the original site of the Stanley Furniture Company, it wasn’t too surprising to see three rare Stanley pieces as soon as we walked through the door. We ended up going home with the desk and two mid century dressers seen below. They all needed a little work, but hey, that’s par for the course.

Of course inventory is highly variable at a store like this, but if you happen to be down near the Southwest tip of Virginia enjoying the wilderness, history, or even a race at the Martinsville Speedway, be sure to check out K&L Collectibles in Rocky Mount. It’s easily visible on the east side of 220 just about 10 miles Northwest of Martinsville. Don’t be put off if you can’t find it online-you just have to go there.If you’re willing to make the trip you’re sure to get a warm reception and maybe a few neat pieces to take home.

k and l collectibles

K and L Collectibles