Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Browse Richmond’s finest selection of Vintage Mid-Century Modern and Danish Modern Furniture.  In our shop you’ll find a wide variety of unique, tastefully staged mid 20th century furnishings. Many new pieces arrive each week, so check in frequently to see what’s in store!

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Mid-Century Modern Decor

vintage mid century modern atomic starburst clock walnut brass elginThis section of our site features Vintage Mid-Century Modern Decor such as lighting, art, rugs, glassware, and ceramics. All of our decor is staged tastefully alongside our vintage furniture so it can be easily viewed in a decorative context. If you’re searching for the perfect accent to complement your vintage mid 20th century furniture, you’re in the right place!

Handcrafted Furniture

Custom Furniture Epoch Richmond VaWe also create some unique artisan crafted furniture including live-edge tables, mid-century reproductions,  and exciting original designs. We use locally sourced hardwoods and traditional wood joinery to give our clients classic workmanship with modern style.